Fats, The Family Dog | Pit Bulls Pt 1

**This is the first post in my three part series: Pit Bulls. This series outlines our journey towards getting our official "family dog", a pit bull.** I hated dogs. I mean not just regular dislike. I hated them. They disgusted me. They were furry vectors of disease who had no place in a domestic setting.

But then I met V and his family dog, Fats. Not just any dog, but a pit bull. Surely he didn't expect me to be nice to that thing. Surely he didn't expect me to be friends with that thing. But he did.

Our first Thanksgiving rolled around. There was no more putting it off. I was brought face to face with the savage beast. He was stout yet muscular. He had a short yellow coat and a red nose. He looked to be about 100lbs, easy. "I've heard about your kind," I thought, as I examined him through the screen door. V quickly ushered me inside.

I froze as Fats examined me. He sniffed my shoes, my clothes. I could feel his repulsive wet snout on my exposed knees. "This is it," I thought. "This is the day I die. He's going to tear me limb from limb and there's nothing anyone can do to stop it".

Then, he wagged his tail and walked away.

This had to be some kind of mind trick. I heard they were smart. He's trying to make me let my guard down, then he'll launch his attack. I'm smarter than him; he's just a savage beast.

I mingled and shuffled about, never once letting him out of my sight. He lay on the floor, playing possum, waiting until the moment was right. I sat on the couch and started to ease into the family conversation.

Slowly, Fats rose from the floor. He turned his gaze towards me and started walking in my direction. Slowly. Deliberately. I froze. I was trapped. He stepped closer. Who would save me?! Closer and closer until.. He was right in front of me.. I silently searched the room with my eyes, paralyzed by terror. My desperate gaze was unmet-- they were all deep in conversation. Fats gave a quick glance to his master as if to ask for permission to carry out the attack. No one was paying attention. That's when he climbed on the couch and...

......Curled up in my lap.

This 100lb thing was on me. I was so confused. Before I could come up with my escape plan to make it to safety, he...

......Nudged my hand with his head, as if he wanted me to.. Pet him?

I obliged.

There we were, the two of us, from different worlds, different galaxies. Yet, something made me so calm in that moment. Me and Fats. This wasn't so bad. Actually, it was quite nice.

V glanced over at me after what had seemed like an eternity. He saw me petting Fats and he softly chuckled to himself. He knew he had won.

That's when I knew that we were probably going to have a family dog (if and when we ever had a family).

That's when I knew it would probably be a pit bull...