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There's Not Enough Time

There's Not Enough Time

Every week I convince myself that I am going to get so many things done because I'm on the road and I have nothing but free time. Then I find myself thinking that I don't have enough time. It creeps up so slowly that I don't even know it's happening. Whether it's work I need to catch up on, personal and professional advancements, or just "me time", I can't seem to squeeze any of it in.

6:00- There's not enough time

But I'll just scroll through Facebook and Instagram some more. It can't take that long. Can it?

7:00- There's not enough time

I'll run the news circuit and see what happened in the world today. I need to catch up on current affairs, after all.

8:00- There's not enough time

It's too late to possibly accomplish anything of value. I wonder what's new on you tube?

9:00- There's not enough time

I really need to research how to install subway tiles. I need to do it right now. Because that's obviously a priority in my life.

10:00- There's not enough time

I'll plan an obscure vacations like that'll be happening any time soon. I wonder what Yellow Stone is like in November...

11:00- There's not enough time

Wow, I wasted a lot of time today. I'm going to sit here and contemplate all the things I could have done while I was complaining about not having enough time to do them.

12:00- There's not enough time

I have to wake up in 5 hours. Should I go to sleep now? Maybe, but not before I catch up on national weather on the weather channel.

This is my daily struggle. Procrastination is the enemy of productivity. I need to stop making excuses and start making time for what's important to me. I think I'd surprise myself with how much I'm really able to accomplish.

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